Les migrations des animaux en Tanzanie

The Big Migration

Au Serengeti

Every year, periocally, several tens of thousands herbivores, mostly gnus (2 millions) and zebras (300 000) pass through the vast plains between Tanzania and Kenya to find new pastures.
The big migration starts in south of Serengeti (Tanzania) and stays in the Serengeti during a big part of the year, moving between Lobo (north),  Seronera (center), the Western Corridor, Ndutu area and the south.

It's a spectacular scene to see these huge herds starting to run, sometimes without any reason. It's also very impressive to see the Grumeti river crossing (Tanzania), and also the Mara and Talec river crossing (Kenya). As we can see in a lot of animal documentaries, young gnus or zebras are sometimes catched by a crocodile, stronger than they are...

La Migration des éléphants

Au Tarangire