Exploration of Mafia Island

At nearly 160 kilometers off the archipelago of Zanzibar, the ocean is home to a jewel still unknown to the general public. Paradise beaches, exceptional marine life and less than 5,000 tourists a year! What motivate trips to Mafia Island, right?

An extraordinary marine fauna

 If you want to travel to Tanzania and its islands and wonder what to do in Zanzibar, do not hesitate to plan a short stay on Mafia Island, a paradise and uncrowded place off the archipelago of Zanzibar.

The excursions on the Mafia island will offer you an access to the Choles Bay (Chole Bay), true attraction of the island sheltering a protected marine reserve since 1996. A unique place spread out on not less than 882 km2 of the littoral and containing more than 460 species of fish, some 50 types of corals but also no less than five species of sea turtles!

Find on our excursions invitations to explore its rich seabed, go in search of dolphins or enjoy some local preparations on one of the beaches of white sand gushing at low tide in the middle of the bay. Who knows, with a little luck, you could admire some turtle egg hatchings!

The queen of excursions on Mafia Island: scuba diving

Trips to Mafia Island will take you to the shallow reefs of Chole Bay, tailor-made for diving, especially for the uninitiated. More experienced divers will surely be tempted by the long wall of coral beyond the bay.

The excursions on Mafia Island offer you simply one of the best diving spots in Tanzania! You can see multicolored clownfish, giant groupers, rays, but also in deeper waters, dolphins and sharks (especially in the most favorable period between March and the month of April). December).

Clarification that due to local winds and strong ocean currents, several recognized dive sites, located outside the Bay of Choles, will only be accessible to you safely from mid-September until the end of February . Request a quote online to discover Mafia Island!