Pemba Island, jewel of the Pacific

Pemba Island what are you doing? Ille Pemba, dubbed «the view of you», is an island located north of the Isle of Unguja (Zanzibar). Extremely easy to access (from the number of flights chaque jour), the Isle of Pemba is an island sauvage beaucoup moins developed that sa voisine Unguja, who made a destination of preaching. Come to the main attractions, this paradise island is built by individuals of diverse cultures, speaking sparks of other dialects that Swahili.

Pemba Island, jewel of the Pacific

Pemba Island is a paradisiacal isolate of the Pacific recently opened to travelers and remains to be discovered. Off-Pistes in Tanzania offer personalized trips for all types of travelers!   Several aspects make the island of Pemba a favorite destination in the region. The island is at the same time a breeding ground in terms of fauna, flora, and culture. The different lodges of the island offer a luxurious setting, while offering a rich and vast exploration environment. The island is recognized for its quality of preservation of the coral heritage. Still devoid of any human trace, scuba diving and snorkeling spots, offer a unique setting.

L’histoire et la culture de Pemba Island

The history and culture of Pemba Island At first glance, it is amazing to observe that bullfighting shows are organized within the island. The Portuguese colonies introduced this aspect in the seventeenth century, and is perfectly representative of the cultural mix that operates in the region. Of Swahili majority culture, the island is run by arabo shirazi, and inhabited mostly by Bantu. The stabilization of the region has allowed its recent opening to tourism as an integral part of the local economy. The island is considered a Mecca of traditional medicine in the region.

What to do in Pemba Island?

The island of Pemba has a relatively large potential. Explorers and walkers will discover magnificent spaces, between land and sea.   Things to do that our travelers prefer: - Bathing on the beaches of Kilindoni, Bweni, Utende and Kua - Discover the Chole Bay and its environment in the form of a marine park - Enjoy relaxing stays in large hotel complexes - Explore the landscapes of mangroves and meadows of seagrass, as well as a great wealth of coral   Ask for a quote for your road trip in Tanzania!