Equipement nécessaire

Conseils et achats de matériels


Hors Pistes Inventory


1 backpack (60L) containing your things in waterproof plastic bags

1 backpack (25-30L) for the things of the day

1 good sleeping-bag – Comfort until - 15°C Sarcophagus type

1 light sleeping-bag

1 inflatable sleeping mat for more comfort

(we supply a 5cm mat except via Marangu route where you sleep in a hut.)

1 pair of mountain shoes (up to the ankles) for the walk
and 1 pair of sneakers for the evening 

1 pair of warm woolen socks 

2 warm underwears (tights, sweater...It can be very cold- do not take cotton)

1 fleecy or warm woolen jacket

1 goretex or equivalent waterproof

1 rain cape

1 warm hat and a good gloves (for the last days)

1 cap or equivalent (sun protection) 

1 very good pair of sunglasses

1 flask

1 LED cap lamp (with replacement battery)

Telescopic walking sticks (recommended)

Enough T-shirt for the all trek (synthetic or wool)

1 trek canvas trousers

1 warm waterproof trousers for the last ascent

1 foil blanket